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You Are What You Eat

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You Are What You Eat

Food PyramidHuman lives require food. And plenty of it. We are supposed to eat three times every day and balance the intake with fruits, vegetables and grains. However, not very many people take the time to balance their diet. Life may be too busy or they just don't know how to eat better. There are several easy ways that you can jump on the healthy eating bandwagon and see results quickly. Changing how you eat is vital to your good health.

Inspect the Cart

A good gauge of your diet is by looking in to your shopping cart. Did you spend more time in the packaged and processed rows or are you loaded up with fresh produce? Hint: you should spend the most time in the produce aisles. Food PyramidFresh produce is low in sugar, fat and calories and can be made into an unlimited number of yummy dishes.

Not all packaged foods are created equal, however. Some are great for you, like ones with whole-wheat flour, whole grains and other fibers in their makeup. In order to see those ingredients, you will have to read the labels. The ingredients whole wheat, oatmeal and bran flour would top the ingredient list. Brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and oatmeal products are good types of packaged foods. If sugar, a sweetener or processed flour tops the ingredient list, it may not be the best choice.

Evict the Couch Potatoes

Don't store junk food in the house. If you buy it, you will eat it. Keeping it out of the house removes the temptation and the calories from your body. Instead, stock the fridge with apples, carrots and cheese slices for quick snacks. The protein and vitamins will boost your system and fill you up. A diet that is rich in vitamins, found in fruits and vegetables, and high in protein will increase your energy. Increasing your energy will also keep you active longer every day, which in turn burns more calories. It's a win-win situation.

Hold the Line!

Youthful SkinWe can't always eat the foods that are best for us. Sometimes our sweet tooth will crave a little dessert or you want a handful of chips for a snack. Moderation with fatty, salty and high carbohydrate foods is best. Keeping your portions small, with snacks and at mealtime, will in turn keep your waistband from growing too tight. When the portions are larger, the calories and fat count are higher. The calories will build up and before you know it, some pounds have snuck on to the waistline.

If it is true that our metabolic chemistry are unique to us alone, then just eating healthy foods may not have as big of an impact as we may like. Along with a healthy diet, regular exercise and possibly some type of weight loss products, we may just keep the excess weight off and live a happier, healthier life. But the first step towards this goal is to eat healthy. Remember, you don't want to be a body full of junk, so don't put the junk in it. Your body is what you feed it � so you are what you eat!

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