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Key Beauty Tips That Every Woman Should Know

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Key Beauty Tips That Every Woman Should Know

The thing about beauty tips is there are so many. There are tips that promise a healthier complexion, healthier looking hair, shiny locks, rosy cheeks, and plump lips. So, which tip do you try? Has there been anyone who's tried these advices before? You'll find everything you need to know about tips and advice that are tried and true (or tried and false!).


It is definitely safe to exfoliate everyday. However, exfoliation is not safe for everyday when it's harsh and abrasive. Exfoliate using gentle items such as a washcloth or a buffing pad that doesn't feel "hard" when you touch it. Exfoliating isn't painful, but shouldn't be done if you experience any irritation. A good way to start is to try a free sample of the Olay Total Effects Daily Cleansing Treatment dual-textured cloths. This and other great sample products are found in the Free Facial Product Samples page of this site.


Getting a facial before a party is a great idea to help your complexion glow! However, if your facial normally consists of any extractions (sqeezing pores), a facial shouldn't be done within 6 hours of your party. This could leave your complexion less than stellar, with a red, irritated appearance. Instead, opt for a more gentle approach by requesting a mild scrub to get rid of dry, dulling skin. Then, before primping for the night, apply a glow enhancing lotion that will ensure your complexion will be on its best behavior.

Winter Skin

Skin that is normally oily can be painfully dry and flaky during the winter months. Winter is extremely hard on skin because of the huge difference in temperatures. Paired with the dry, frigid weather outside, and dry, sometimes over-heated temperatures inside, can cause your mug to be severely dry and flaky. You would think applying an oil-based moisturizer would give your skin the moisture it needs to stay flake-free. On the contrary, this gives your skin just what it needs for a new breakout. Instead, try using exfoliation just once a week and use only fragrance-free nondrying cleansers. Never use hot water on your face. Hot water strips your skin of natural moisture. Pat, never rub your face dry and use an oil-free moisturizer on only the dry areas of your face to prevent further breakouts. To help fight off winter dry skin, try sampling some of the many skin care products that are listed in the Free Skin Care and Lotions Samples page of this website.

Using Soap

Using soap on your face is a major no-no. Think about it. The same soap that your significant other uses to get rid of the dirt and muck they would be safe for the delicate skin on your face? You want the oil on your face removed, not the skin itself. When looking for a facial cleanser, make sure it says just that - "Facial Cleanser." Regardless of which one you choose, it should fit your skin type and moisture needs.

Zit 101

You're red-hot excited about red-hot date but your complexion got a bit more excited than normal. Don't freak out because added stress can cause more. Simply look for an over-night pimple gel. There are many varieties out there. Any should do, but remember, you get what you pay for so to speak. One of the best is Biore Blemish products. You wake in the morning, and alas, the little creature is still there. Again, don't freak out. Use a green-toned concealer, rather than pink-toned which could amplify it, following with pressed powder.

The best tips for anyone are always use a gentle exfoliation system, never leave home without your sun block and listen to your skin. Only your skin can tell you what suits its needs!

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