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Simple Steps to Avoid Overeating

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Simple Steps to Avoid Overeating

Overeating almost seems impossible to avoid at times. Food just happens to be everywhere we look. Vending machines are tucked into almost every hallway or corner of most public buildings. Diners and delicatessens line the streets of many towns. Fast food restaurants vie with each other for business and set up shop on local corners making it a four way decision as to which spot to stop for some greasy high calorie treats.

Coffee and BagelThen, of course, we have all of the many parties and celebrations to which we are invited. Plus, we have a morning coffee break and an afternoon coffee break to go along with our lunch or dinner hour. Why do you think they call it a coffee break? Oh, maybe so we would all sip a cup full of perky caffeine and become more productive. Sure, sure, let's have our coffee and forget the morning Danish and bagels.

Okay, so admittedly, it is tough to avoid over eating, but there are a few dieting strategies that can help to make it easier. The very first thing you should probably do is toss all of those high calorie snacks that you have hidden in your purse or desk drawer, just in case you get hungry. Replace them with some low calorie high fiber granola bars, dried fruit, or a small serving of nuts.

Another helpful strategy is to make sure that you never leave home hungry. If you do, then you are bound to start searching for something to eat. Most likely, the choices you have before you will be high in calories and very tempting, especially since you are hungry.

Stressed at OfficeManage your stress reasonably. Instead of waiting until you are so maxed out that you are ready to explode, start to recognize the signs of an overload. Take a walk, even if it is just around the building, and relieve a bit of that stress naturally and calorie free. If it isn't possible for you to get up and take a brief walk, spend a few minutes practicing deep breathing for stress relief.

Stay active whenever you can to burn those extra calories that happen to have a way of finding their way into your daily menu. In fact, on days that you have a bit more of a struggle with yummy foods and the foods win, exercise a little bit extra. Visit the gym, go for a bike ride, or take a long walk to burn off those extra calories.

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