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Simple Organic Gardening Ideas

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Simple Organic Gardening Ideas

As people become more aware of the pleasures that working the soil, harvesting their own food, and beautifying the world through planting a garden provide, more and more backyard gardeners are interested in learning how to do things the old-fashioned way of planting an organic garden.

Organic gardens do not have to be hard to cultivate, but they do require special attention, time, and understanding. Growing food and flowers without man made fertilizers, pesticides, and other products can be trying, but the benefits are sometimes very good. Many people who grow organically report that their fruits and vegetables have a different flavor from the food they grew up eating. Fresh and tasty, these samples of the organic garden become ingredients for gourmet culinary delights or sprigs in the delicious salads that organic farmers enjoy at home.

One major benefit of growing your own organic garden is the savings you'll tuck away. Shop any neighborhood organic market or upscale grocery in your community and you'll find that the market costs of organic dining can be prohibitive. Many organic products are twice or more the comparative non-organic products. For that reason, many people seek to learn the secrets to growing food organically in the privacy of their own yards.

In the country, this might mean planting a small plot of organic beds or an acre or more. But in the city, where one have neither yards nor space, organic farming may occupy only a few pots on the deck of your apartment home. Whether you live in a rural or an urban setting, you can provide the nutrients your organic plants need to grow without encroaching on the space you need to live.

There are a few steps to follow to prepare your organic garden:

  • Choosing the proper space. Your organic garden spot or pots should have ample sunlight and good water drainage.
  • Clearing the space of weeds and debris. Mowing, weeding, and tilling are necessary to ensure that your budding garden will not be choked out by unnecessary materials
  • Soil testing and fortifying with organic materials. When you've found the perfect spot, begin to add materials that will enhance the nutrients of the soil, such as compost, bone meal, rock phosphate, and greens. These additions will increase the nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium levels in your garden's soil.
  • Use a tiller to add organic fertilizer of at least two kinds of organic matter to your beds. At this time, sand can be added to clay beds that will then be raked for better distribution.
  • Wait a month or more to allow blending and growth of the nutrients.
  • Blanket your garden spot with mulch that will decompose slowly to continue supplying soil nutrients.
  • Choosing plants that are right for your region and soil, plant your favorite disease-resistant garden producers.
  • Maintain your garden effectively, picking away weeds and bugs as soon as you see them.

Remember that maintaining proper compost will help you to sustain your garden. Many of the items you use to keep your garden healthy can be recycled from your daily life. Free products such as leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds, and kitchen wastes such as eggshells can be blended to make excellent, organic fertilizer for your nature's bounty.

In addition, a number of companies and organizations offer free samples and products to inspire organic gardening throughout the world. To find free samples and products on the web for your organic gardening, check out All Free Samples. Links to various websites will help you narrow your search quickly and easily to allow you the time you need and want to work your little bit of Eden.

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