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Searching For Online Freebies

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Searching For Online Freebies

If you love receiving free samples and free products in the mail, the Internet is your freebie connection. Retailers and manufacturers want to know what you think of their products and many are willing to send free full or trial size items and samples for you to try. Some offer free products and samples because they're confident that once you try them you'll want to buy them and others do so in an effort to attain your opinion. In either case, you can enjoy free samples and products delivered directly to your mailbox thanks to the convenience of the web.

What Types of Freebies Will I Find?

Online freebies come in all shapes and sizes. You'll find free product samples and offers such as top-quality skin care creams, makeup, cleaning products, fragrances, books, pet supplies, food, vitamins, and much more. There is no limit to the free products and samples you'll find online.

Depending on the product samples, some of the freebies you'll find online are surprisingly valuable. They aren't all trial size samples. Many generous companies send out full-size products so consumers can use them for several days rather than just one or few times. Companies want complete and honest evaluations of their products, and they realized that sending out tiny samples isn't an effective way to achieve that objective.

Where to Find Them

One of the best ways to find valid free product samples is through this web site. We regularly check for dead links and expired offers and add new freebies as soon as they hit the Internet. We do all of the work so those searching for freebies can reap all of the benefits!

Although there will be times where companies will run out of samples for whatever reasons, the fabulous free offers that do arrive definitely make up for the ones that don't. So searching this free samples site is unquestionably worth your time and you might be pleasantly surprised by the different types of free samples that are available online.

Protecting Personal Information

Most free product offers are simple and direct offers made available by companies like Proctor & Gamble, L'Oreal and Maybelline, but there is a small portion that are from other companies that are simply giving away free products in exchange for your participation in some sort of programs or offers. It is wise to do some leg work by following a few simple steps before providing contact information.

Before entering contact information when sending away for freebies and special offers, it's a good idea to signup for a web-based email address to use exclusively for ordering freebies. That way your regular inbox won't receive unsolicited email sent by unscrupulous companies or individuals. Be sure to check your freebie inbox on a regular basis. You might be required to click on a link in order to validate your request and receive your freebie.

In addition to a valid email address, many companies also require a valid telephone number. Most companies have no intention of ever contacting requestors by phone, but they want to send their samples to those with the best of intentions. The willingness to submit a valid phone number indicates true interest and sincerity, and companies are more likely to provide requested free samples as a result.

Consider signing up for a private voicemail number. A secondary phone number is ideal for ordering freebies as well as for use in other questionable situations. The phone number will be valid, but your home phone will never ring as a result of ordering online freebies.

Lastly, always read up on the offer's terms and conditions to fully understand the particular requirements of an offer. Some offers refer to this as the gift rules, others use the phrase 'participation requirements' or 'terms and conditions'. Regardless of the language used, you as the consumer should read through these requirements to ascertain if this offer is best suited for you.

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