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Should You Get a Border Collie?

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Should You Get a Border Collie?

Border CollieThe Border Collie is primarily a working dog, bred to round up sheep on the borders of Scotland. The intelligence, endurance and dedication of the breed is legendary. All of which has led to the belief that Border Collies do not make good pets and surprisingly most people who have Border Collies would agree with that. They are not pets they are more like companions.

I grew up with a Border Collie who wouldn't have known a sheep from a sack of wool, and she was, quite simply, the best dog I have ever known. If you are looking for something more than a pet; if you are looking for a friend and a good companion, look no further than the Border Collie. But be prepared for some hands on dog ownership. If you want to lounge around in front of the TV or sleep until lunch, this is not the dog for you.

The Border Collie evolved in the 19th century from the standard farm collies of the time. Considered too rough for general stock work, these dogs were bred with a gentler strain by farmer Adam Telfer to produce the present day Border Collie. The first dog, bred in 1893, was called Old Hemp, and gave the Border Collie its physical appearance. Old Kep, born in 1901, confirmed the good natured temperament of the new breed. Breeding qualities of tenacity, gentleness and endurance into these dogs did as much for the shepherd as for the sheep.

The Border Collie became known as a faithful 'one man' dog who would accompany its master as far along life's road as time allowed. When man and dog grew old together, the Border Collie was well behaved enough to accompany its aged master anywhere, from pubs to parlors.

Dog TrialsThe Border Collie is best suited to an active lifestyle, especially when young, because these boisterous, playful dogs that have a lot of energy to expend. Remember, as working dogs they would be out in the fields from dawn to dusk earning their keep. Many Border Collie owners today take their dogs to sheep dog trials and other events to keep the herding instinct alive.

But you can still own a Border Collie and never go near a sheep just remember that you have a dog that likes to move. Your Border Collie will enjoy chasing sticks, Frisbees, and taking part in agility trials. This working dog also makes a great sporting dog and a good companion for owners who enjoy taking part in sports.

A Border Collie can live outside with no problems, but does not like being chained up. Being an intelligent dog, the Border Collie can be taught to stay in its own yard, but remember that this dog is not bred to confined spaces, either indoors or out. And although medium in size, they are definitely not suitable for apartment living. The most common color is black with white markings, but they also come in tan, brindle and even all white, although this is rare.

The typical Border Collie stands about 20 inches high, weighs 30-40 pounds in good health and is rough coated. These dogs molt ferociously, despite regular grooming, so don't get one if the thought of clumps of matted pet hair everywhere horrifies you. This is a tough breed and life expectancy can be long the average is 12-14 years, but many live longer than that.

While not the ideal pet for everyone, the Border Collie can be the ideal companion for anyone who wants a loyal, devoted and faithful dog in their life. So, if you decide to own one, you really should visit our Pet Food and Supplies sample category and stock up on free pet food sample offers that are readily available online.

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