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Free Minesweeper Game Download for your Kindle

Minesweeper, one of the simplest, easiest, most addicting games ever made is now free for your Kindle. Thanks to the tireless engineers working for the Amazon Kindle store, you can now use your Kindle for more than just reading your favorite books. Get your free game today!

Minesweeper Game

Free PepBoys Auto Reward Program

Rewards Club programs tend to pretty dull, and getting the benefits they offer is often more trouble than it's worth. Not so with the Pep Boys program. It's easy, the rewards are actually something you'll want and actually use, and you will save real money! Quite a bit of it, too! Rewarding Rewards!

Free PepBoys Auto Reward Program

Free Snappy Tomato Pizza

Join Snappy Tomato's Loyal Customer Club, and you'll get a free pizza, as well as an email inbox full of special offers and freebies! Snappy Tomato has locations all over Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, New Mexico, and Alabama. If you've got one near you, sign up!

Snappy Tomato Pizza
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Free Academic Software Applets from NASA Research Center

The NASA Glenn Research Center have released, totally free and public domain, a series of Java applets designed to celebrate and inspire hands-on, inquisitive learning about science and math. There's a pretty big selection to browse through, and they're completely free.


Free Meal at IHOP

Join IHOP's Pancake Revolution for free, and you'll get a free meal for joining, a free meal on your birthday, and a free meal on your one year anniversary of joining! How awesome is that? Plus, you'll hear all about the latest promotions and get exclusive offers!

IHOP's Pancake Revolution
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Free School Textbooks for your Kindle

Did you know that Amazon offer free Kindle Books on high school chemistry, math, statistics, earth science, calculus, algebra, geometry, physics, engineering, trig, & biology? So if your child have one of these classes now or in the near future, this is one way to remedy any book shortage that the school may have. Check out the Amazon/Kindle page and begin downloading now.

School Textbooks for Kindle

Free Eye Exams for Seniors

EyeCare America is offering free eye exams to qualifying senior citizens. Head to their site to see if you qualify for their free eye exam, and if you do, you can download and print a certificate for the free exam! Check it out today and see if you qualify!

Eye Exams for Seniors

Free Admission to the California Science Center

Here's an free offer for all Mad Scientist smarties with young ones out there. Did you know the California Science Center is free? Check out their website, plan your visit, get info on parking and IMAX showtimes, and check out the exhibition galleries for free. There is so much going on here to grow your little scientist.

California Science Center
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Bojangles' Free Chicken, Sausage, Steak or Cajun Filet Biscuit Offer

Bojangles' World Famous Chicken and Biscuits is putting together a special E-Club, free to join and full of food freebies and perks for members! You'll get a free Sausage, Steak, Country Ham or Cajun Filet Biscuit coupon delivered to your inbox within 24 hours. How great is that?

Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits
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Free Automotive Repair Guides @AutoZone

AutoZone's award-winning customer service doesn't stop at the store counter. They also extend their expertise and knowledge to their customers on the internet, with their Registered User program! Members enjoy email updates and maintenance reminders, and access to Free Repair Guides as well!


Free Guide to Photography for the Web

Sign up here for a free 61 page preview to photography for the web! If you're ready to move past the - 'aim the camera, click the button, and hope' method of picture-taking, this free guide can help you learn photography for the first time as well as some advanced techniques and tricks! So if you are ready to take photography beyond the simple point-and-shoot experience to more advanced skills and techniques, then this free guide is for you.

Photography for the Web
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Award Winning Web Hosting

The trick to hosting a successful website is to find a hosting company that makes it as easy and affordable as possible. WebHostingPad offers hosting services for as little as two dollars a month, and that includes free extras that you'll love, too! Unlimited space and bandwidth, 24/7 support, and more!

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Get Exclusive Hotel Freebies, Deal and Discounts

Make Priceline your first stop for freebies, discounts, and upgrades when you're traveling. Priceline offers a searchable archive of almost 30,000 different traveler's deals, ranging from free breakfast all the way to free nights' stays, with everything in between! Check Priceline before you travel, and load up on deals for your trip.
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Free 7-Day VIP Membership to Gold's Gym

Get into Gold's Gym today for a free week and get back into shape again. They offer free group exercise, personal training, and state of the art exercise equipment. This 7-Day free VIP membership is for first time users at participating Gold's Gym only. See offer for details.

7-Day VIP Membership to Gold's Gym
More » Sports

Free Game Apps for Blackberry Users

Androids and iPhones aren't the only ones with free games. Blackberry users have had access to a huge collection of free games! Puzzles, word games, shoot-em-ups, matching games... See for yourself the amazing selection, all free!

Blackberry Apps

Free Windows 7 Software Guide

As you may know, Windows has a new version: Windows 7. So why not dive into it, get this free guide book, called 'The Windows 7 Guide: From Newbies to Pros', while it's free. Then you'll know what to expect before you upgrade to the new OS. This will certainly make your transition from what you're using now to the new 7 a little easier. This 46 page guide goes over what the software offers, compatibility issues, the new taskbar, how to customize Aero, and so much more.

Windows 7 Guide

Discover Senior Care Option Online

If the time has come for your parent or grandparent to get some extra help, do you know where to look? With so many senior care providers, you may want some help researching all of them. Head over to this site and research senior care options in your area. Just fill out the form, and information about senior care providers along with references and contact info will be available for you to read at your own pace. Learn about your options and get help today.

Senior Care Providers

Free Online Courses and Video Lectures from Berkeley, Harvard, MIT...

Academic Earth is a website which offers free online video lectures from universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale in a wide variety of subjects. Use these lectures to improve your mind or supplement your education or to seek a degree!

Online Courses and Video Lectures

California's Family PACT Program

If you're a low-income California resident, you may qualify for California's Family PACT program, which provides free family planning services. A quick visit to their website will tell you about their insurance qualifications. And if you meet them, you can get help with your family planning needs, which means you can get birth control like pills or condoms. Plus, they offer education, counseling, and treatments you might need.

Family PACT Program
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Shuffled Row - A Free Game for Kindle

If you love your Kindle and use it constantly, then you know that you can get tons of free books online or from the Amazon store and get new releases at a fraction of the price. Now, you can also play games on your Kindle. In fact, if you follow this link, you can get one for free.

Shuffled Row

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