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Do you send out free samples?

We do not send out any free samples at this time, but we may offer free samples directly from this site in the future. Currently, we are a directory of free samples provided by other companies. By browsing this site you can quickly find many free sample offers in all the popular categories. Read our descriptions to find free samples that interest you and follow the links to the websites for all the details and instructions on how to request the free samples.

How do I get free samples then?

First browse this site to find free sample offers you are interested in. This should be easy since there are tons of free sample offers in many popular categories. When you find a free sample you want, just click on the link and you will be taken to the web site offering the sample. Just follow their directions (generally you just fill out a short form with you name, address, etc.) to request your freebie.

What if I didn't receive my free sample?

Most free samples take an average of 8-12 weeks to arrive, so you must be patient. However, some free samples never arrive. Usually, this is because the company offering the free sample was not prepared for the large number of requests they receive on the internet. We do our best to only list genuine free sample offers, because we want you to receive all the free samples you request. However, it can be difficult for us to determine which offers are legitimate and will really be sent. Please send us feedback if you suspect an offer isn't genuine or if you did not receive a free sample after waiting the requisite period. If there is evidence that an offer is not legitimate, we will delete it from our listings.

Are the free samples totally free?

Many of the free samples listed on All Free Samples are totally free. They are from companies that want you to try a new product, with the hope that you will like it and become a customer. However, some require you to pay Shipping & Handling or other fees. Some of the freebies listed are free gifts for membership or free trial offers that you must cancel before the free trial period ends if you wish to avoid charges.

When there are charges or fees associated with a sample, we will usually include that information in our description. However, offers can change without notice and there may be important info that we do not include in our description, so you will want to read the complete details of each offer on the companies website before signing up or requesting the freebie.

How do I suggest a new free sample offer?

We are always looking for new free samples to include. If you found a great free sample offer, send it in. We will review all suggestions and include the best free samples on this site.

What can I do if a link doesn't work?

If a link doesn't work, it may just be internet congestion and you can try again later. If the problem persists, it probably means the free sample offer has expired. In this case, please let us know, so we can remove its listing from the site.

What if a free sample page says the offer is over?

In general, the information on the pages we link to should take precedence over the descriptions on All Free Samples. This is because offers can change or expire without notice, before we have a chance to learn of the change and update or delete the listing. Therefore, if a site says the free sample has expired, please let us know so we can delete the listing.

What if my question isn't answered here?

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us and we will try to help you out.


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