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Free Online Games

Free Online Games

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There are tons of online games to play for free, and this page of helps you find the best online games sites. Find games of all types including Flash, Shockwave, arcade, puzzle, strategy, racing, sports, word, action, shooting, adventure, poker, casino, cards, and much more.

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Free Online Games

Free FunPass Trial and Download Unlimited Games

If you're a casual gamer, then take this opportunity to sign up for the 7-Day free trial of FunPass and play games like Bejeweled 3 Unlimited for free. Plus you'll unlimited access to over 900 other games to try. And if you decide to stay a Funpass member, you'll be able to get a free game each month with your FunPass Membership.

Download Unlimited Games with FunPass

Microsoft Flight PC Game - Free Download

Download and play Microsoft Flight PC game for free! It's a flight simulator pc game that allows you to explore the open sky over the Big Island of Hawaii. Get the feel of what it takes to be a pilot with exciting challenges and hidden Aerocaches. Enjoy the fun and the feel of pure flight, minus the cost of flight school. Be sure to verify your pc against the recommended hardware requirements of the game before downloading.

Microsoft Flight PC Game

Google Chrome's Free Online Games

If you're a Google Chrome user, then here is a freebie offer that you must check out, free online games! Just log into your Google account, visit the Google Chrome web store and download the the free game apps that you want to play. There are literally hundreds of free games to suit everybody's taste, so tell your friends and have fun playing them together.

Google Chrome Online Game Apps

Free Download of Doritos Crash Course Game

The Xbox marketplace is offering a free game for download right now. Head to their site to add Doritos Crash Course, a 3D platform obstacle course with 15 different levels, to your online gaming line up! This great free game looks like plenty of fun for the whole family.

Doritos Crash Course Game

Play Bricks Breaking Game Online Free

Bricks Breaking is a free game from You're presented with a board full of little squares in three different colors. Clicking on a square will clear it, and any same-colored square touching it. Your mission is to clear the board. Try your luck at this fun little free game!

Bricks Breaking Game

Free Crush the Castle Online Game

Crush the Castle 2 is an entertaining and free game of strategy, aim, and patience. Use your siege weapon, a classic trebuchet, to throw boulders, bombs, torches and even electric eels at the enemy castle! Knock down the walls, set them on fire, or use acid - whatever it takes to Crush the Castle!

Crush the Castle Online Game

Play the Angry Birds Chrome's Edition Online

If you're a fan of 'Angry Birds' and who isn't these days, then you may want to check Google Chrome's version online. As the best-selling mobile game, it has a wide following from all over the world. And now you can play it online for free thanks to Google Chrome. It will test your math and strategy skills to take on the green oinkers. With many exciting levels, here's your chance to take them all down in one aim of your slingshot.

Angry Birds Chrome Online Game

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