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The Best Value in Photography

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The Best Value in Photography

SnapfishThe world has been revolutionized by the invention of the digital camera. We take oodles of pictures of our wedding, our kids, our vacations, our shared holiday occasions, our pets and even our projects. But then they sit on the memory card and are forgotten over time. Luckily, the people at HP realize we didn't take all of those photos to keep to ourselves. We took them for a reason to have a memory and to share that memory with our family and friends. And they have made it easy for us to share those memories by their creation of

What is a Snapfish?

Snapfish is a great website where you can upload your digital photos, share and store your favorite memories with all of your friends and family in every corner of the world. If you have a traditional camera that uses film, they also take your film and process it. You have no excuses for not developing and sharing those Christmas pictures with Great Aunt Edna anymore.

Get Sharing

First 20 Prints FreeSharing your photos is easy and best of all it is free! All you need to do to begin is create a user account and begin to upload your photos to their site. Once your pictures are uploaded, you have many options. You can edit them, add captions and email to anyone in your address book. They can view your slideshow and read all the captions for free. If they so choose, they can order prints starting at a low price of 10 cents per printing. Options

Besides storing all of your photos, snapfish offers you tools to create great things with your photos. In their store, you can create T-shirts, calendars, mugs and much more by using your pictures. What better gift to give grandma than a picture of her little angel on a sweatshirt? Not only do you have access to creating picture art, but anyone who you invite to look at your photos can join in. Your sister can make her own calendar using your pictures. Your brother can make a T-shirt using your vacation pictures as a gift for you! Anyone who you authorize to view your photos can purchase whatever item that want.

Low Prices

Uploading and sharing your pictures is always free. When you want prints made of your pictures, whether it is from digital or film sources, has low prices for every size picture. They offer 4 x 6 prints, 5 x 7's, 8 x 10's and even poster sized printings.

Check out and see how user friendly their website is. The many free features and services found at the SnapFish web site are only a few clicks away. Begin your memory sharing now and your memories will be uploaded in minutes for everyone to enjoy, including yourself.

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