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Play Sets Make Healthy Active Kids

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Play Sets Make Healthy Active Kids

We have all heard the statistics about the obesity epidemic taking root in our country, and one of the best solutions to that coming epidemic is getting those kids up off the couch, away from the TV and in the playground. That is easier said than done, of course, and it is important for every parent to take steps to provide the children in their lives with a safe and fun place to play and be a kid.

For parents with the budget and the yard space, nothing beats a yard full of playground equipment. When choosing that equipment it is of course important to make sure it has been designed with safety in mind, and that the outdoor playground equipment is appropriate to the age and weight of the children in the home.

A backyard jungle gym is always a big hit with kids, and parents should consider such a versatile playset as they shop. Jungle gyms come equipped with a variety of different items, including sliding boards, swings, climbing ropes and monkey bars.

Trampolines are also an increasingly popular form of backyard exercise, but it is important to choose a model that is designed with safety in mind. Enclosed trampolines can provide an enhanced level of safety, as can trampolines that are designed for heavy duty use. It is of course important to supervise the child's play and to make sure that any playground equipment is being used safely.

When shopping for backyard playground equipment, it is important to look carefully at the construction and the quality of the equipment. Look carefully at the display model. If it seems poorly built or easy to move, you may want to look elsewhere for a model that is built better. As you examine the playground equipment, be sure to look for such important safety features as:

  • Safely designed brackets that will not harm little fingers
  • Double-strength steel leg tops
  • Powder-coated and galvanized steel construction
  • UV treated plastic moldings
  • The appropriate safety ratings and approvals.

Looking for these important safety features will help keep the children safe as they play. Choosing the right safety equipment is not always an easy task, but shopping with safety in mind is essential.

Along with keeping their bodies healthy, we also have some great offers to keep their mind sharp. Just visit the "Free Samles for Kids" page for some age appropriate books offers, free child safety kits and so much more.

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