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Free Audio Book From

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Free Audio Book From

Life is becoming busier and more technology driven every day. Hours of the day are spent commuting to work, driving to meet clients or waiting for the kids at practice. How can you have time for you? Some creative marketers took this information and knew that even though society was busier than ever before, they still wanted to read great books, popular magazines and interesting newspapers. But since time was the limiting factor, how could they overcome - by creating

What is

Apple iPod is one of the most popular and fastest growing online sites for multimedia download. Their website offers a subscription based program where you can download voice recordings of magazines, newspapers and every genre of book imaginable. The audio book choices span the fiction and nonfiction categories, with even a few Audible exclusives. The audio books and articles are read by someone and made into an audio file. Then the files you download can be played on your iPod during a long commute, over a CD on your long drive to work or on your MP3 player when you are waiting for the kids at practice.

Join The Fun is very easy to use. You simply create a login ID, download the appropriate software to run your selected audio files, and then choose what you want to hear. They have a library of over 35,000 different recordings to choose from. Do you want to know more about what is happening with the war on terrorism? Then download the Iraq Study Group Report. Have you always wanted to read the classics, but never found the time? Anna Karenina is available for download with a few clicks of the mouse.

Three Free Audiobooks Risk-FreeCatching up on your "to read" list has never been easier. They offer two subscription plans tailored to fit your needs and budget. The plans begin at $7.95 per month and allow you a set number of recordings to download each month. You can browse their diverse selections, any time of day or night when it is convenient for you. A subscription also gives you access to their technical support if you ever have a problem. The membership can be canceled at any time, with no obligation.

Is your "to read" list getting longer, but your schedule getting busier? Take advantage of's special rate and get an audio book for free from Audible! What do you have to lose, besides time that could be spent listening to thrillers, comedies and romances instead of just staring at your fellow commuters?

However, for those of you that simply love reading, there are some free alternatives for you. Just visit our Free Books and Magazines page for a full listing of sample offers like a free subscription to the American Baby magazine, free gift magazines and much, much more.

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