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Work Magic into Your Skin

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Work Magic into Your Skin

Youthful SkinDewy, youthful skin is not just for the young; it can be yours across the decades if only you take care of it. Pamper it, give it the nourishment and the pick-me-ups it deserves and your skin will pay rich dividends. It will stay fresh, blemish free and keep you looking younger than ever.

One of the best favors you can do to your skin is cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing at the same time. Body wash and face wash with organic extracts and oxidants do that for you, giving you a fragrant, baby-soft skin. But after a thorough body or face wash, what you may not have considered is a natural leave-on toner with easily available ingredients to help keep in the goodness. This skin toner treatment works particularly well after a citrus body wash, but is good for all skin types and is anti-bacterial as well. You can have it ready in a few minutes and it gives you an enigmatic, lingering perfume.

Lavender BlossomsAll you have to do is get yourself apple cider vinegar, dried lavender blossoms, dried thyme and distilled water. In a saucepan, pour a cup of the apple cider vinegar. Add one-fourth cup each of dried thyme and lavender blossoms and simmer over low heat for 30 minutes. Strain the vinegar mixture and throw away the herb residue. Pour half a cup of distilled water into the infused vinegar and store in a dark bottle away from light.

The next time you pamper yourself with a fruity body wash, lightly dab your skin dry. Then, splash on this natural and fragrant toner on your skin, gently pat it and let it dry off. Watch the toner work its magic on your skin and draw admiring glances to its satin-smooth sheen. Kept away from sunlight, this infusion would keep for a few weeks and continue to give off a lovely smell.

When gifting a spa box to a cherished friend, remember to include a bottle of this organic infusion and you are sure to be thanked no end. Share this recipe with both sexes, because this magic brew is good for toning the skins of both men and women, in all seasons and for all skin types.

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