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Get That Homework Done Faster by Staying Focused

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Get That Homework Done Faster by Staying Focused

HomeworkHomework is never a popular task, and many students end up putting those homework assignments off to the last minute, or worse yet not getting it done at all. One of the most frequent complaints among students of all ages is how long it takes to get the homework done. While in some cases the problem may stem from an excessive amount of homework handed out by well meaning but misguided teachers, but in many cases the problem is a simple lack of focus.

Those who are able to focus properly on the task at hand may find the same amount of homework a breeze, while those students who lack focus and discipline may find that it takes all night to get a simple assignment completed. Developing this focus and discipline is important, not only for elementary school, middle school and high school but for college as well. In addition, the focusing exercises young students learn can help them greatly as they move into the world of work and career as well.

One of the best ways for parents to start building the discipline and focus is to establish a special place and a special time, for doing those homework assignments. Ideally, this location should be in a quiet room, free from distractions like the television, radio, computer and video games. It is important for children and teens to set up a study sanctuary, where they can focus solely on the task at hand, without being distracted.

Quiet RoomThe time allotted for doing homework is important as well. It is important to look at the child's schedule and determine which time of the day is most appropriate. In many cases the time between when school lets out and when the family sits down for dinner is the best time to deal with that homework. In many cases this amounts to at least two or three hours. If properly used, the focused student should be able to make a serious dent in that pile of homework, if not get it done completely.

Getting the homework done in the allotted time will not only give the child a feeling of accomplishment, but it will free the rest of the evening for activities that are a lot more fun. It is important for parents to reward their children when the homework has been completed, with a favorite game, favorite toy or time to watch TV or play games. Each parent will know which rewards work best, but it is important to use this reward system to help children stay motivated.

Of course not every child will have that large block of unallocated time in which to work, and it is a good idea to develop the ability to work in smaller, more compressed chunks of time as well. Finding these small blocks of time may not be as difficult as you may think, as there are lots of times during the typical day when we find ourselves simply waiting and wasting time. The ready availability of technology can help modern students work on homework whether they are waiting for soccer practice to begin, or killing a couple of minutes between classes at school. Even if such modern conveniences are not available, a notepad and pencil can work just as well. The secret is to recognize those periods of downtime and take full advantage of them.

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