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Essential Oils: The Bath and Body Escape

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Essential Oils: The Bath and Body Escape

Water's PurityThroughout the ages water has been credited with healing properties. It has been used to refresh, cleanse and purify. We are well aware that our water today is no longer pure as it once was when our planet existed in a more pristine condition. History has recorded legends in which bodies of water were reputed to heal the wounded and diseased, even restoring youth and vigor to the weak and aged. According to mythology, the unicorn was able to purify a body of water by dipping its magical horn into the water. The name of Ponce de Leon went down in history for his search for the elusive fountain of youth.

Even today, we continue to search for some magical method to restore youth. But that search has been extended to lotions, creams and even cosmetic surgery. Although we don't have a magical body of water to wash away our ills and restore us to youthful beauty, water can still soothe us in many ways. By adding a few of nature's gifts, bathing can become more beneficial.

Essential oils have long been revered for their healing properties. By adding a few drops of a favorite oil to the bath we can reap the benefits of relaxation and serenity if only even for a momentary escape from the stress of daily life. We may not be healed from every ill nor restored to the vigor of our youth but our bodies and emotions can always benefit from a soothing soak.

Essential OilsLavender has long been used to attract the love of the opposite sex. Women used it in the bath and lavender water was a fragrant perfume. Even today, lavender is often used as a sachet placed in closets or dresser drawers to endow clothes and lingerie with its lovely aroma. The scent of lavender is soothing to the emotions. It aids in relaxation and helps to clear the mind. It also helps to relieve stress and ease the pain of headaches. Lavender is good for the hair and skin and may be added to or found in skin care products. Lavender is also good for aging skin since it tones the skin. It can be helpful in fading scars and for those that suffer from acne.

Patchouli has a rich, earthy scent. It is good for restoring peace of mind. Like Lavender, patchouli is good for aging skin as it rejuvenates dull, lackluster skin. Jasmine has a wonderful scent. It is emotionally relaxing and aids in restful sleep. Jasmine is good for dry skin in particular. Ah, the beautiful scent of rose is so comforting. Added to the bath rose relaxes the mind and body while soothing the skin. Sandalwood is another relaxing oil. It helps to induce sleep, which can be beneficial for those suffering from insomnia. It also moisturizes the skin. Always use caution when working with essential oils. They are strong and powerful. A few drops can be sufficient.

Relax into a healing bath of your own making. Add rose petals for silky smoothness if you like. Visualize yourself bathing in the healing waters of your own private fountain of youth where you emerge feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A little creativity can go a long way.

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