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Protecting Your Dog's Health

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Protecting Your Dog's Health

When the winter arrives and the cold, blustery and even snowy weather has us reaching for our pullovers and coats; do we give any thought to how cold our dogs are feeling? We think that dogs have their own built-in coats, but chances are if we are cold, our dogs are cold too. The good news is that dogs no longer have to suffer the effects of the elements.

There are now a variety of coats, sweaters and other apparels made especially for dogs, which come in various materials, styles and colors to suit the size and needs of the individual � some are even made to order. Most of these clothing apparels usually come with Velcro fastenings and give your dog complete protection. They are therefore easy to use and can be machine-washed whenever necessary for easy care.

Many people are unsure whether their particular dog actually needs a coat or a sweater. Big dogs with a thick coat are less likely to need extra protection. Small dogs, particularly those that have been clipped, or those with thin coats such as, whippets, greyhounds and Chihuahuas, are more likely to benefit from a snug winter coat. One of the main problems today, is that our dogs are used to centrally heated houses and, like us, feel the drastic change in temperature when venturing outside. Take great care to look for signs of your dog shivering whilst it is out in the cold, as this is a sure sign that he/she is feeling the change of temperature.

Apart form the cold; dog coats, in particular, can also help to protect your dog from other outside interferences such as burrs and other sticky or prickly plants. These coats are especially suitable if your dog spends a lot of time out in the countryside or in a particularly mountainous area. Coats can be purchased in a nylon material, which prevents the burrs, and such like, from sticking. If you are worried about keeping your dog safe and secure after dark, you can even treat them to a special 'glow in the dark' coat!

As well as coats to protect your dog, you may need to think about other apparels such as footwear too. There are a number of reasons for considering footwear, apart from protection against the cold. There can be glass on the ground, or other hidden dangers out in the countryside such as thorns, which can get stuck in your dog's feet. When there is snow around, some of the salts used on the streets are not pet safe and can be dangerous if your dog licks it off their paws � even military and rescue dogs wear foot protection.

If you don't think your dog particularly needs any added protection, or even if you do, but just fancy treating them to a fashionable coat and/or shoes to make them look as trendy as yourself, then there are certainly plenty of ideas to choose from � you could even select a special outfit for a special day.

There are many places on the web that sell winter gear for your pooch. And although I haven't encountered any sort of free product samples offers from these websites, sites like sometimes offer free shipping and other online discounts. But no matter what you decide on, your pooch is sure to look his/her best whatever the occasion. You might even find yourself looking under dressed!

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