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Commercial Value of Blogs

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Commercial Value of Blogs

BlogsBlogs are getting a lot of attention nowadays. Every marketing guru out there seems to say that if you want an easy, cheap and effective way of making money on the Internet then there are few options better than running a blog of your own.

But how true is this new marketing mantra? Can a blog really make money for any new Internet entrepreneur? The only precise answer to that question is how the entrepreneur builds the blog. You must know that when blogs first appeared in the 1990s, they were meant to help with social interaction on the Internet. In other words, they were a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and making new ones.

That is why blogs are always looked at as something very personal. When anyone, even you, go to an affiliate website there is automatic reaction, "This person is telling me this product/service is good because s/he is going to get a commission if I buy it."

On the other hand, visiting a blog generates a different kind of reaction that might be something like, "This person is recommending this product through personal experience and there is less chance of being ripped off."

Internet InfoThe commercial success of your blog depends on your honesty and your capacity for appearing sincere through your posts. That is why it is always essential to enter blog posts as if you were actually speaking to your blog visitors. The second important thing is that your advice, information or recommendation must be real and practical. The Internet is overflowing with so much information that people are often unsure whom to trust. If you stick to the truth, you will get more visitors who will come to look upon you as a friend rather than as a salesman who is unwilling to criticize the products being sold.

The next crucial aspect is frequently updating your blog with new posts. A blog is not a website that you build once and forget. People will stop returning to a blog that is not updated regularly. After this, it all depends on how well you can construct every blog post and make it interesting without making it sound like another repetitious sales pitch.

Besides the above, you may also follow these steps in order to enhance your blog popularity and revenues.

  • Do not over advertise your affiliate links. When writing a post, concentrate on the content rather than driving people to some other site to make a purchase. If your blog post convinces them, a single link will mean a guaranteed sale.
  • After subscribing, remember to include Google AdSense in some easily viewed location on your blog but not in the middle of the content.
  • Build a community within the blog universe by visiting other blogs and leaving constructive comments. A comment that says, "Hi, nice to meet you" is not going to get reciprocal visitors to your own blog. Sound informative, helpful, and confident. The more blogs that you comment on, the more you will increase your own visibility. Free publicity does not get easier than this

Blogging might be the new success mantra, but like everything else on the Internet, the success of your blog depends on the amount of traffic it gets. So if you start a blog today, be patient, allow it to circulate and get popular.

When you are sufficiently well known, you can use "trackbacks". The best part is when other blogs start referring to your posts through trackbacks. Eventually, you will have many links to your blog and your affiliate links as well as AdSense subscription will start to generate revenues.

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