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Best 10 Skin Care Tips for Healthy, Natural Skin

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Best 10 Skin Care Tips for Healthy, Natural Skin

First ImpressionsYour face and skin are an important part of the first impression you make. A glowing complexion immediately declares that you are not only healthy and stress free, but also fully in control of your life and know how to take care of yourself. Here is a checklist of ten easy steps to that velvet texture and radiant glow for your skin:

Eat healthy: What you eat shows up on your skin. A poor diet will not only leave the skin listless, it would also bring on blemishes over time. Eat junk only if inevitable, and stock up on greens and fruit juices as often as you can. Do so and you can keep acne and even eventual wrinkles at bay.

Get enough sleep: The easiest way to lose your glow is to cut back on sleep. Under-eye bags are not attractive and the only sure way to defeat them is to sleep for eight hours each night. Cleansing and nighttime moisturizing helps your skin rejuvenate itself while you sleep, be it the skin of your heels or that of your face.

Work up a sweat: Exercising is a great way to a healthy skin because when you sweat it out; you not only get yourself some muscles, but also unclog your pores. Higher blood circulation during the workout flushes out the impurities and does wonders for your skin too.

Protect your skin from the sun: This is really important because you should not expose yourself to too much of sun in order to get a tan. Not only do you stand to get sunburn, you risk skin cancer as well. Always use an SPF protection higher than 15.

Aroma TherapyCleanse, but don't be harsh: Use a gentle cleanser and do not use body soap on the face. The idea is to take away the dirt and not the moisture. When you dry your skin, never rub, always pat lightly; leave some moisture behind. Put a skin-compatible moisturizer immediately.

Exfoliate and mask: Exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of dead skin. Apply facemasks to soothe, relax your skin at least once a week and try mudpacks on your body. Your neck, throat, hands and feet are the first to show your age, so pamper them the most.

Know your skin: Figure out your skin type, whether normal, oily, dry or combination. Use products accordingly. Remember, not all brands suit all skins, experiment and figure out what works for you. Find two brands of the same product that works for you and alternate between the two every few months.

Always remove make-up: Never sleep with all that goo on your skin. If you have to put make-up most of the time, go without it whenever you possibly can to let your skin breathe.

Drink enough water: Drinking eight glasses of water a day is not only vital for your body, but also for your skin. You can never drink enough. Limit coffee and sugar and drink green tea, especially if it is organic and taken without sugar. This will do wonders for your skin.

Splash water: Splash water on your skin as often as you can, to keep it hydrated.

Stick with this checklist and it will slowly become second nature and take years off your age. And remember, it is never too late to start. Lastly, there are also anti-aging regimens and acne skin care products that may be of interest. To find out more about these products, just browse through our Beauty Products pages for some special free trial and free sample offers.

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