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Compare the best free email account services to find the best by browsing this page. See which free email accounts come with the top features and the most storage space. Find out which is better at virus protection and spam filtering. There are even free email accounts available that offer privacy and security with encryption of messages.

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Complimentary Guide to Google Apps

If you are trying to manage a lot of email or market a business using the convenience and ease of email, then you should consider incorporating Google apps into the mix.  Start by taking advantage of this free guide to getting the most out of the Google apps.  You can learn through steps, all the potential of the apps.

Guide to Google Apps

The Ultimate Guide to Gmail

Got a Gmail account, but feel like you're not making the most of it? Feel like if you only knew how, there were tons of features and widgets that you're not using yet? Here's a thirty-page guidebook – totally free – that will soon have you customizing your Gmail to be everything you ever wanted it to be!

The Ultimate Guide to Gmail


Windows Live Hotmail from Microsoft is the award-winning E-Mail service that gives you more than ever. Now it offers a lot more storage space and better security features, while still being totally free.


Hushmail offers a free e-mail service that is perfect for those concerned about privacy. It is a private system that uses encryption to keep your messages secure. Emails are also filtered for spam and scanned for viruses automatically, to further keep you safe.


Yahoo! Mail

The free Yahoo! webmail service is really easy to use and highly secure, which is probably why it is trusted by millions of users. It includes the ability to chat without leaving your inbox and to access your email anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone connection. Besides for the address, they also provide your choice of and domains. Plus they include a handy wizard to transfer your contacts and emails from other systems with ease.



Gmail, the free email service from Google, has many useful benefits. It provides lots of space, and it keeps growing. There is so much space that you may never need to delete another message again. Mobile access is available, so you can check your email through the mobile browser on your cell phone. Other features that make Gmail a really nice service are great spam filtering, instant search of all your messages, built-in chat and the ability to organize messages with labels and stars. Plus you can even use POP/IMAP to download your messages to an email client like Microsoft Outlook.


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Companies like Google, Yahoo and MSN offer services like Gmail, YahooMail and Windows Live Hotmail that are totally free. These days free email accounts such as these are a good choice for many people, because they offer numerous benefits compared to the alternatives.

The alternative to a free email account for most people is to go with an account with your ISP or job. What happens if you move, switch jobs or get a different Internet service provider? Typically you will have to go through an arduous task of contacting everyone you can know to let them know your address is changing, and you may forget to notify some of your friends and family, as well as businesses, stores and online services you are subscribed to. Plus you may lose all your stored contacts and messages.

When you have a free Webmail account, you can just keep the same address when you move or switch ISPs, so you don't have to worry about switching it again. If you go with a huge company like Google or Microsoft for your Webmail, you have very little risk that they will cut off their service or go out of business, so you should be able to keep the address for life. Plus with Webmail, you can access the mail from anywhere with Internet access. Many of the top providers even let you access it through a Blackberry or cellular phone with an Internet browser.

These days Webmail from the best companies also comes with ample space. In fact, they now offer so much space that most users will never need to delete a message. They also come with super features like junk mail filters, virus scanning, and other features to help with security. You can generally keep messages organized with folders or tags, and some even provide fast search abilities so you can find anything in your inbox or sent items very quickly.

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