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Free 7-Day Pass to 24 Hour Fitness

Get your 24Hour Fitness 7-day guest pass today and enjoy the many convenient locations near you. Because it is a club for every lifestyle, you can select the one based on the way you work and play. So, reach for your fitness goals today with this free 7-Day guest pass.

24 Hour Fitness

The Big Kahuna Reef Game

Looking for a new game to play, but don't want to commit yourself to learning a big, complex game system? You want something simple, right? Got it: Big Kahuna Reef, a classic matching-style game with a relaxing island theme – check out our writeup of the game, and get the freebie download from Amazon!

Big Kahuna Reef Game

Andell Family Sundays at LACMA

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is hosting free family-themed events Sundays! Take your kids to the museum, and tour a special display of art – this month the theme is Fruit – and make some art of your own in their artist-led workshops. Make some memories and teach your children to love art!

Andell Family Sundays at LACMA
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Check Engine Light for Free

When your Check Engine alert lights up on your dashboard, that's a bad sign. When it is flashing, that could be a very bad sign, and ignoring it could cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted gas, repairs, or even destroy your vehicle. AAMCO will check that out for you, right away, for free! So why wait?


Alien Swarm Free Game Download

Here's a free video game from Valve – Alien Swarm. You play a space marine shooting his way through, well, swarms of aliens. It's available as a free download on Steam, and if you're old enough, you'll be reminded of the good old arcade days spent playing Gauntlet with three of your best friends.

Alien Swarm Video Game

Build an Android App for Free

If you ever wanted to make your own Android App, then here's what you will need to get started, the Android SDK. Anyone who uses this free software will be able to make any app they can imagine, Plus, the site also offers features like Tools Help, Revisions, Extras and Samples. Everyone will have the ability to create new apps! Can you imagine?

Android SDK App for Windows
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Free Moonbase Alpha PC Game

In Moonbase Alpha, you assume the exciting role of an astronaut on the lunar base in the year 2025. You witness a meteorite impact that cripples the life support capability of the settlement. With precious minutes ticking away, you and your team must repair and replace equipment in order to restore the oxygen production to the settlement. Check out the system requirements to see if it's compatible with your PC.

Moonbase Alpha PC Game

24 Months of Free Web Hosting

Looking for a reliable web hosting company that provides you with the tools you need to make the most of your website? Looking for 24/7/365 tech support, and massive bandwidth and file storage? Looking for a deal on what it all costs? How about two years of free hosting at

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Free Human Resources Business Forms is giving away free office forms as PDF downloads. Hire, manage and motivate your employees more effectively with this collection of useful forms in Microsoft Word or Excel format. Simply go online and download the forms which you need.


Complimentary Twitter Guidebook

Receive your complimentary guide to Twitter from MakeUseOf. If you've felt like tweeting for quite some time now, but didn't know where to start, this guide is for you. Simply fill in the online form and wait for the email with your free download, 'Twitter: Best Practices and Tips.'

Twitter Guidebook

Play Bricks Breaking Game Online Free

Bricks Breaking is a free game from You're presented with a board full of little squares in three different colors. Clicking on a square will clear it, and any same-colored square touching it. Your mission is to clear the board. Try your luck at this fun little free game!

Bricks Breaking Game
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Free Crush the Castle Online Game

Crush the Castle 2 is an entertaining and free game of strategy, aim, and patience. Use your siege weapon, a classic trebuchet, to throw boulders, bombs, torches and even electric eels at the enemy castle! Knock down the walls, set them on fire, or use acid - whatever it takes to Crush the Castle!

Crush the Castle Online Game
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Free Mac Manual Guidebook

If you're like me, the first time you sat down in front of a Mac all your PC skills amounted to about a hill of beans. The menu was all wrong, the mouse was missing a button, and even the window controls were wonky. will send you a free Mac user's guide, and make the transition a little easier.

Mac Computer Manual
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Free Online Word Search Game

Looking for a free online game to pass the time? One that will test your mental agility, your observation skills, and your grace under pressure? Yahoo Games presents a clever variation on the classic Word Search - solve the clue based on their hints, find the word, and do it with a timer ticking away... nice!

Online Word Search Game

The Ultimate Guide to Gmail

Got a Gmail account, but feel like you're not making the most of it? Feel like if you only knew how, there were tons of features and widgets that you're not using yet? Here's a thirty-page guidebook – totally free – that will soon have you customizing your Gmail to be everything you ever wanted it to be!

The Ultimate Guide to Gmail
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Free Round of Golf on Your Bday!

Orange County, CA, is home to Tustin Ranch Golf Club – a public course with enough amenities and luxury to make most private courses go green with envy. And on your birthday, you can go play a full round of golf for free – heck, bring your friends along, and they'll enjoy membership rates for the day!

Free Round of Golf on Your Bday!
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Google Voice

Google Voice has, until now, been in testing. That meant to even try out the awesome integration of phone and web technologies, you had to have an invite from a current user. Not anymore! Now Google Voice is free to anyone and everyone, even (gasp!) Apple enthusiasts! Can you believe it?


Watch Free Full Length Movies

On, you can watch great movies and television shows or really cheesy ones, if that's more what you're looking for. See classics like Stripes, or Charlie's Angels, or see brand spanking new original content that can only be found on Crackle. The only price tag is the 30-sec ads every so often.


Fantastic Web Hosting and Great Rewards

The FatCow site provides top-of-the-line webhosting, complete with 24/7 support and loads of free services and perks. Sign up now with a new domain name or transfer an existing domain and enjoy their reduced monthly fee – less than four dollars!

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Free Skin Cancer Screening

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery are hosting a series of free skin cancer screenings, all over the country. Check this website to find the nearest and soonest screening, and set up your appointment right now. It's totally free, so why not find out for sure.

Skin Cancer Screening
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