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Free Virtual Art Museums Guide

Looking for a way to visit some of the greatest museums in the world for free? The Google Art Project is the solution to your problem. It's just like Google Streetview, only for museums! Take a free virtual walk through some of the loveliest museums on Earth!

Palace of Versailles
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Free 50 Page eBook: The Idiot's Ultimate Guide to Build Your Own PC

So, you've decided to build your own computer, but you don't actually know what you're doing. Still, it can't be that hard, right? All these shiny parts are just plug n' play, aren't they? You may want to get this 50 Page eBook, The Idiot's Ultimate Guide to Build Your Own PC, for free! With the complete amateur in mind who has no tech knowledge whatsoever, this guide will show you how to build your own PC. This guide includes nearly 50 pages full of screenshots, links to video demos and easy how-to instructions for every step involved. It is so easy to follow, even a technophobe could do it.

Ultimate Guide to Build Your Own PC
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Adobe ColdFusion 9 Free for Education

Adobe ColdFusion 9 is an expensive and powerful piece of commercial software, one that retails for hundreds of dollars. That's a lot, if you're a student or a teacher... and Adobe knows that. That's why they're giving it away for free to qualifying folks in academia. Get yours now!

Adobe ColdFusion 9

Free Online Games @Chrome Webstore

If you use the Chrome web browser, head to the Chrome webstore and add a few of these great free games to your browsing experience! There are tons of games to choose from, all free, and all plenty of fun. It's the perfect way to kill a little time without spending a bundle!

Google Chrome Online Game Apps

Download Free Music

Check out some free music, available at! There's dance music, blues, country, pop, and more, all available for free as MP3 downloads or .zip files. These lesser-known artists have some great free songs available for you to listen to!

Gibson Guitar

Free Pocket Guide to Windows 7

Head over to TradePub site to download a free pocket guide to Windows 7. Learn all the best ways to customize your Windows 7 experience with this fun and easy to use guide. It's written in plain language, so even new users will have no problem following its directions and making Windows 7 sing and dance!

Windows 7 Pocket Guide
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Free Children's Movie DVD @FamilyTV

Visit to select a free DVD that will espouse family values while entertaining your family. Family TV has a huge library to pick from, including cartoons, live action, old classics, and new tales. There's sure to be something for everyone!

Free Children's Movie

Free Download of Harm's Way, a Free Xbox360 Game

Every so often a real deal pops up on the XBox LIVE Marketplace, and this is one of those special times! Harm's Way, an action packed racing game featuring rugged vehicles and deranged snipers, is available as a free download! Get it now, while you still can!

Harm's Way Free Xbox360 Game

Free Word Scramble Game for your Kindle

Visit to add a free game to your Kindle 3. Right now you can download the free version of Jumble, a word scramble puzzle game that comes with three puzzles, for free. Hook your Kindle up with a nifty free game today!

Word Scramble Game for your Kindle

Free Spay & Neuter Services to Low-Income Families

The Sam Simon Foundation provides funding for a mobile veterinary clinic that serves the Los Angeles area. The vet van offers Spay & Neuter services, as well as non-orthopedic surgical procedures – free to low-income families. So take care of your pets, and don't worry about the bill!

Spay or Neuter Your Pet Free
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Download Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 Software for Free

Visit Microsoft's downloads center, and download Microsoft Mathematics, a free program full of handy math tools, including a fully functional graphing calculator. If you're in maths or sciences in school, this is indispensable. Save a few bucks and get one free from Microsoft!

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0

Free PC Computer Guide - Inside and Out is offering a great free guide to computing beginners. This guide, 'Your PC, Inside and Out: Part 2,' is an invaluable resource that can teach you all about some of the mystifying innards (CPU, Ram, Storage, Video Card and Expansions) of your new computer. Grab it for free now!

PC Computer Guide

Free Zehnder's Famous Chicken Dinner

If you live in Michigan, or plan on visiting, you must see Frankenmuth. And if you go to Frankenmuth, you must eat at Zehnders. Sign up for Zehnder's rewards club, and treat yourself to one of their famous chicken dinners, for free, during your birth month!

Zehnder's Famous Chicken Dinner
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Free Santa Barbara Visitor's Guide Magazine

Visit to order two free magazines: their Visitor's Guide, and Sip & Savor. With the help of these free guides, you can plan the perfect trip to sunny Santa Barbara, California. Dream over the gorgeous photos and learn all about this beautiful city for free!

Santa Barbara

Free Movie Screenings in Houston and San Antonio

Looking for something to do when you’re out on the town in Houston or San Antonio? How about catching a movie? Maybe an upcoming hit, not available to the general public just yet? You can get free advance screening tickets at the SET’s movie club site, win DVD’s, and more!

Free Movie Screenings

Free Black Jack Game for your Kindle

Head to to add Blackjack, a free game, to your Kindle, today. This great little game is getting five star reviews on, and people are having lots of fun with it. It's got all your basic Blackjack features, plus customization options. Get it free today!

Black Jack Game for your Kindle

Free Download of Doritos Crash Course Game

The Xbox marketplace is offering a free game for download right now. Head to their site to add Doritos Crash Course, a 3D platform obstacle course with 15 different levels, to your online gaming line up! This great free game looks like plenty of fun for the whole family.

Doritos Crash Course Game
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Microsoft's Free Desktop Backgrounds/Wallpapers

Microsoft has a huge collection of free wallpapers for you to browse through! These are totally free desktop background images, so long as you only use them for your own personal use. No distributing or selling them - they're still Microsoft's pictures, it's just that Microsoft is (this time) willing to share.

Desktop Backgrounds/Wallpapers

Store & Share Digital Photos Online Free @Nikon's Picturetown

The brand of Nikon is recognized worldwide as one that delivers the highest quality digital photos to users. The company has another great feature for internet users and that is to provide you with the ability to upload and share your great photos for free –with 2GB worth of space online.


Free Album Download from Bad Religion

The Bad Religion band stand proud and mighty amongst the legends of punk rock. Some even say that may have actually saved the punk industry from folding in the eighties, and they inspired dozens of other bands and musicians. 31 years and seventeen albums later, they're still at it – and you can listen for free. Just fill out their form and you'll receive an email from them with your unique code and download instructions.

Bad Religion

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