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Free Music Downloads

Free Music Downloads

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There are many ways to get free music downloads online that are complete legal, and we list those freebies on this page. Find free downloads of MP3 files, songs, album tracks, live recordings, as well as other free music download offers such as iTunes freebies.

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Free Music Downloads

Free Tunes has over 1,600 songs available for free download right now. All you have to do is head to Amazon and start going through their amazing list of free stuff; every genre from punk rock to children's music to classical is represented her. It's worth a look because you're sure to find plenty you'll love.

Free Music Downloads at

Free Track Download from The Cranberries!

If you were of music listening age in the 1990's, then you probably know the song, 'Linger' by the Cranberries. If their indie-pop sound is your style, then you absolutely need to check out their website for a free download of their latest song, 'Show Me The Way', from their forthcoming album, 'Roses'. Add it to your playlist today!

Cranberries Free Download

Download Radiohead's 20 Best Cover Songs for Free

This free music download offer is for Radiohead's 20 best cover songs. To get the free tunes, just follow the link to the music page. You can listen to the songs and save the MP3's that you liked most. Go through all of then or none and just save them. Enjoy the free tunes!

Radiohead's 20 Best Cover Songs

Download Free Music

Check out some free music, available at! There's dance music, blues, country, pop, and more, all available for free as MP3 downloads or .zip files. These lesser-known artists have some great free songs available for you to listen to!

Gibson Guitar

Download the Latch Key Kid Free Sampler EP

Check out these 4 awesome free tracks by the Latchkey Kid! If you know of him, then you know this is a great music offer. If you haven't heard of him, then you're in for a musical treat. And once you've listened, you'll be a fan too. Download the Latch Key Kid Free Sampler EP today and have a listen.

The Latch Key Kid Free Sampler EP

Free Album Download from Bad Religion

The Bad Religion band stand proud and mighty amongst the legends of punk rock. Some even say that may have actually saved the punk industry from folding in the eighties, and they inspired dozens of other bands and musicians. 31 years and seventeen albums later, they're still at it – and you can listen for free. Just fill out their form and you'll receive an email from them with your unique code and download instructions.

Bad Religion

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