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Find the best sites for free music downloads legally on the Internet. We list sites that offer free music downloads, including free trials of services with millions of songs, freebie categories from stores like iTunes and Amazon, and individual tracks given away in promotions by bands. We also list other music related freebies like free concerts, MP3 players, etc.

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Just about everyone wants free music, such as digital audio files (MP3 files) to play on their computer, iPod, or other digital music player. Many Internet sources of free music downloads are illegal, which is against the law and opens you up to lawsuits, viruses, spyware, and other problems.

On we list legal sources for free music downloads, so you can download MP3 songs for free legally. There are many opportunities for legal free downloads of music, including giveaways by bands for online promotions, free tracks from online stores like and iTunes, and more.

In addition to free MP3 downloads, we list other music freebies such as free concerts, music applications, and more.

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