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Download the Top 100 Free Mobile Apps @Appstore for Android

Amazon is now in the Appstore for Android business and that means more free mobile apps for everyone! There are tons of free apps available in their new Android app market. So visit their website now and take a look at their top 100 Free Apps and see which one you'll download for free. From games to useful gadgets for your Android smartphone, Amazon boasts a huge selection of free apps. Amazon also give a new, different paid app away free, every day. Score some free apps for your Android smartphone from Amazon!

Free Android Apps

Free Black Jack Game for your Kindle

Head to to add Blackjack, a free game, to your Kindle, today. This great little game is getting five star reviews on, and people are having lots of fun with it. It's got all your basic Blackjack features, plus customization options. Get it free today!

Black Jack Game for your Kindle

The Big Kahuna Reef Game

Looking for a new game to play, but don't want to commit yourself to learning a big, complex game system? You want something simple, right? Got it: Big Kahuna Reef, a classic matching-style game with a relaxing island theme – check out our writeup of the game, and get the freebie download from Amazon!

Big Kahuna Reef Game

Free Every Word Crossings App for Kindle Devices

If you have a Kindle or the Kindle Reader for PC or Mac, then give this free Kindle Game, Every Word: Crossings, a try. It's a crossword scrambles game that will test your vocabulary as you try to find the words to fill in the crossword grid. This fun and fast-paced word game is completely free and will keep you entertained all summer long. Beyond reading books, try using your Kindle for some interactive word play too.

Every Word Crossings App for Kindle Devices

Free Minesweeper Game Download for your Kindle

Minesweeper, one of the simplest, easiest, most addicting games ever made is now free for your Kindle. Thanks to the tireless engineers working for the Amazon Kindle store, you can now use your Kindle for more than just reading your favorite books. Get your free game today!

Minesweeper Game

Free Online Games @Chrome Webstore

If you use the Chrome web browser, head to the Chrome webstore and add a few of these great free games to your browsing experience! There are tons of games to choose from, all free, and all plenty of fun. It's the perfect way to kill a little time without spending a bundle!

Google Chrome Online Game Apps

Free Game Apps for Blackberry Users

Androids and iPhones aren't the only ones with free games. Blackberry users have had access to a huge collection of free games! Puzzles, word games, shoot-em-ups, matching games... See for yourself the amazing selection, all free!

Blackberry Apps

Free Word Scramble Game for your Kindle

Visit to add a free game to your Kindle 3. Right now you can download the free version of Jumble, a word scramble puzzle game that comes with three puzzles, for free. Hook your Kindle up with a nifty free game today!

Word Scramble Game for your Kindle

Shuffled Row - A Free Game for Kindle

If you love your Kindle and use it constantly, then you know that you can get tons of free books online or from the Amazon store and get new releases at a fraction of the price. Now, you can also play games on your Kindle. In fact, if you follow this link, you can get one for free.

Shuffled Row

$25 Priceline Big Deal Guarantee

The Priceline travel site has the best rates online for anything travel-related, from rental cars to hotels to plane tickets to tour packages. What's more, they're willing to back up this claim with actual money. Their own! Find a better rate before your event, and they'll match it and pay you twenty-five bucks.

$25 Priceline Big Deal Guarantee

Free Download of Harm's Way, a Free Xbox360 Game

Every so often a real deal pops up on the XBox LIVE Marketplace, and this is one of those special times! Harm's Way, an action packed racing game featuring rugged vehicles and deranged snipers, is available as a free download! Get it now, while you still can!

Harm's Way Free Xbox360 Game

Alien Swarm Free Game Download

Here's a free video game from Valve – Alien Swarm. You play a space marine shooting his way through, well, swarms of aliens. It's available as a free download on Steam, and if you're old enough, you'll be reminded of the good old arcade days spent playing Gauntlet with three of your best friends.

Alien Swarm Video Game

Free Tickets to TV Shows

You may know about and their free tickets program, but did you know that On Camera Audiences(OCA) provide the same type of access? So if you ever wanted to be apart of the studio audience to shows like 'America's Got Talent' or 'Chelsea Lately' or 'Dancing With The Stars', just visit the OCA website and find out how.

Tickets to TV Shows

Free Tickets to Many Entertainment Venues

Yes, you can get free tickets to upcoming events. The 1Iota website offers free tickets to some TV programs, concerts, live music and special events in general. So if you would like a chance to attend any of the entertainment venues, check out their website. Then use the 'Free Ticket Finder' to seek out your free tickets.

1iota Entertainment Venues

Free Wii Remote Jackets

Nintendo is offering all Wii gaming system owners a chance to get free Wii remote jackets. To be eligible, you must supply Nintendo with the serial number on the back of your Wii console system for verification. This offer is strictly for people that purchased a Wii gaming console during the time period when the Wii remote jackets were not part of the standard equipment.


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