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Proper hydration helps to maintain the health of your body, so you want to drink plenty of beverages that are free of dangerous additives. This directory of free samples listed on this page gives you the opportunity to sample some tasty drinks for free, allowing you to compare their concoctions for flavor and benefits without spending a penny. Availability is always changing, but usually you can try products like soda, vitamin water, shakes and more from brands like Coke, Pepsi and 7Up.

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With the rising popularity of a number of designer drinks, it makes sense that more beverage companies would offer samples that lead a large consumer base straight to their section of the beverage aisle. From buy one, get one free campaigns to free samples, soft drink companies are reaching out to the everyday consumer. Hence, if you're seeking a drink that perks you up and quenches the dry mouth or flavored waters and juices to help start the day right, then go through the list of free beverage samples below and select the ones that makes your mouth water and add a bubble to your day.

For many of us, the first thing we want in the morning is a beverage that perks us up and quenches the dry mouth that developed overnight. Flavored waters and juices help us to start our day right. Soft drinks add a bubble to our day, with cool sodas delivering relief from sun-parched days. Just thinking about a cold drink makes our mouths water and our tummies ache for sustenance.

Many cinemas and sporting venues are getting into the soda action. A number of beverage companies offer discounts for fountain drinks at concession stands, and that can represent big savings on date night. Best of all, soft drinks come in a wide variety of flavors.

From fruity oranges to crisp colas, you may be able to let your mind wander to the tropical shores where most of the flavored ingredients originate. For instance the guarana fruit of the Brazilian rain forest may provide just the right zip to your new favorite dark soda. Trying a free sample that introduces a delicious, nearly sugar free drink to you would be a great move toward better health and refreshment!

Regardless of your needs–smart diet choices or delicious refreshment–the sites featured here offer a wide variety of drink options. Sports aficionados will find peppy drinks to increase their energy and vigor. Diet conscious drinkers will find low-sugar, low-calorie options. Those of us who prize flavor over aesthetics will find free samples, too. And with some of the offers each of us will have his or her thirst quenched for absolutely nothing! You have to ask yourself, "What am I waiting for?"

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