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As a wise consumer, you know that finding great deals, freebies and samples of quality automotive products is a great way to save money and become well informed to make the best decisions to the longevity of your automobile. Take a look at this page for a wide variety of special offers ranging from winning free cars to car care supplies to gas gift card freebies.

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Cars and Automotive Products

Free VIN Check for Fraud

The NICB is offering a free VIN checker at their website. You can enter your VIN number, and check the background of your vehicle, or a vehicle you're about to buy, for fraud. Their website is a wealth of information for fraud prevention, full of free informational brochures and pamphlets.

VIN Check

Free PepBoys Auto Reward Program

Rewards Club programs tend to pretty dull, and getting the benefits they offer is often more trouble than it's worth. Not so with the Pep Boys program. It's easy, the rewards are actually something you'll want and actually use, and you will save real money! Quite a bit of it, too! Rewarding Rewards!

Free PepBoys Auto Reward Program

Free Automotive Repair Guides @AutoZone

AutoZone's award-winning customer service doesn't stop at the store counter. They also extend their expertise and knowledge to their customers on the internet, with their Registered User program! Members enjoy email updates and maintenance reminders, and access to Free Repair Guides as well!


Check Engine Light for Free

When your Check Engine alert lights up on your dashboard, that's a bad sign. When it is flashing, that could be a very bad sign, and ignoring it could cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted gas, repairs, or even destroy your vehicle. AAMCO will check that out for you, right away, for free! So why wait?


Griot's Garage Free Automotive Handbook

Visit Griot's Garage on the web to request one of their free handbooks, packed full of all the awesome car and garage products and accessories they sell, as well as automotive and garage-related advice. Sign up to get yours in the mail for free, today, and have fun in your garage!

Griot's Garage Free Automotive Handbook

Free Sample Products

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Discovering enormous web deals on the internet, you'll find yourself on the path to saving big money, even hundreds of dollars, as you care for and keep the car in good running condition. Some companies offer free gas gift cards to auto cleaning supply samples to winning new automobiles. This can mean a great deal to you as you continue to make full use of your car for work and play. Knowing the ins and outs of these offers can help you make better choices regarding your current or new car.

In today's automotive industry, it is no secret that consumers are more educated and more careful than ever before. Car manufacturers, maintenance individuals and companies that produce stuff for your vehicle want your business. They know that you will compare products, ask questions, and seek value and quality for all your automotive care needs. As a careful consumer you should be aware that there are sites on the internet that offer various samples and freebies, coupons and discounts and free services to win over your loyalty in a tough market.

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